Ballyhook Flyer

Ballyhook Flyer 2014 – Blend: Dabinett, Katy, Jonagold

The 2014 Ballyhook Flyer is amber in colour with a nose of red apples, orange peel, cinnamon and caramel. It is a medium bodied cider with fine tannins that are concentrated on the finish. The carbonation is kept low so as to accentuate the fruit flavours and it possesses lovely crispness which helps carry the flavours as well as creating a refreshing mouthfeel.


Ballyhook_Flyer_2013_LARGEBallyhook Flyer 2013 – Blend: Dabinett, Katy, Bramley
2013 is amber in colour with a nose of red apples, orange peel, cinnamon, and caramel. It is medium bodied with fine tannins and the flavours continue on to a long finish thanks to the refreshing acidity. The Ballyhook Flyer is a blend of three different apple varieties; Dabinett is a cider apple that brings colour, aroma, body and tannin to the blend; Katy, an early ripening dessert apple brings sweetness, aroma and finesse whilst Bramley, the classic cooking apple, brings more citrus-like flavours as well as a refreshing quality. The Ballyhook Flyer is Craigies’ take on a Breton-style, dry sparkling cider. Its delicious freshness helps to prolong these aromas on the palate and to produce a long, fine finish. The Ballyhook Flyer can of course be drunk on its own but will also go very well with dishes such as slow cooked pork belly, confit of duck or some fine cheeses such as Durrus or Adrahan.

Serve between 4°C and 7°C (and never over ice!)

50cl bottle.


Craigie's bottle shotBallyhook Flyer 2012 – From the 2012 harvest our primary blend was made from a mixture of Dabinett, Katy, and Bramley apples, sourced from dedicated apple growers in Co.Waterford, Co.Tipperary and Co. Kilkenny. We only select the finest apples and work closely with the growers throughout the year to determine the yield and the optimum harvesting time for the fruit.

We then mill and press the apples at our farm in Grangecon and carry out the fermentation with as little intervention as possible except to keep the temperatures low so as to retain as much of the fruity aromas as possible. After fermentation the cider is then blended and allowed to settle over winter before being bottled.

We believe that our Ballyhook Flyer blend is a great match for most pork and chicken dishes as well as fine cheeses. It can of course be drunk just on its own! It is delicious now but we believe that it will continue to improve in bottle for a further twenty four months.

5.8% abv. 18,000 x 50cl bottles produced.