Dalliance bottle shotDalliance 2013 – Blend: Elstar, Falstaff
2013 is a dry sparkling cider. It is pale green in colour, light-medium bodied with a mixture of fresh citrus and green apple flavours and a touch of fennel. It is more akin to a sparkling wine in texture and flavour than a traditional cider and possesses the same palate refreshing qualities. Dalliance is the second blend in the Craigie range of ciders and as the name suggests is a playful flirtation with what each vintage has to offer. This vintage is a blend of dessert apples and is very different in style to the Ballyhook Flyer. It was released later than the Ballyhook Flyer as it spends fifteen months on its fine lees in order to develop and enhance its aromatic qualities. Like the Ballyhook Flyer it is a sparkling cider that is very refreshing with a long, complex finish. Dalliance is a great match for dishes such as charcuterie, turbot or creamy Irish cheeses such as Cooleeny.

Serve between 4°C and 7°C (and never over ice!)

Available in both 75cl and 37.5cl bottles.